Annual Butterfly Release at Lost River Cave

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Hundreds of kids released butterfly's today during the Annual Butterfly Release event at Lost River Cave.

Nearly 300 kids were given envelopes which contained a butterfly and as they opened their envelope and held out their hands they got to watch it fly for the first time.

Naturalist, Annie Holt says this is a great way to kick off summer, teach the importance of nature, and give back to those in the community.

"We like to view this as one of our local community activities. A lot of times in the summertime we see a lot of visitors from the area come through but we want the community to know that even in the summertime that they are welcome to come here to the park, and enjoy it as our neighbors, so we open this up to the community," says Holt.

For a complete list of events Lost River Cave will be holding this summer you can click the link below.

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