Area High School Seniors Flash Forward to College for a Day

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Today area high school students got a taste of what navigating a college campus is really like. No chaperones. No help. Just a map and each other.

"Really lost... if they weren't with me, I probably wouldn't find my way,"said student participant Janet Dulworth.

"We got little cards to try to tell us where to go, and that's about it. Nobody else has helped us," said student participant Dakota Kidd.

Getting a little lost was definitely on the agenda today, but the idea was to get the high school students prepared for what their first days as students would be like. Organizers hope by the end of the day, the students will feel more prepared for when that day comes.

"They get a chance to see how it actually works. They get integrated into daily life, and learn about important things they may not learn until weeks before, or months before," said WKU Student Activities Coordinator Hunter Williams.

One volunteer was in their shoes not long ago, and says the experience truly prepares them for college life.

"It's very overwhelming. It's huge, so I know being here and helping them out... showing them where things are and that kind of thing. It's really going to help them out, because I know this really helped me out too," said WKU Student Volunteer Atalie Maxwell.

Students had to go to ten important spots on campus, and learned about different programs and services along the way.

"They had to go find the bookstore. They have to go fill out admissions applications. They get to eat lunch on campus... Public Safety... they have to pick up some information from there, just to get them acquainted to what campus life is like," said WKU Educational Talent Search Assistant Director.

"We've been to the health services center, and we visited the residence halls, and the dining hall," said student participant Caleb Miles.

Students say if WKU becomes their new home, they'll be a little more prepared for that first day.

The Flash Forward program involved students from nine area counties that are part of WKU's Educational Talent Search program, which aims to get qualified youth into college.

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