Area School Districts May Have To Pay Thousands To KSBIT

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It's a reaction felt by school districts across the state after receiving a letter from the Kentucky School Boards Insurance Trust.

"You open the mail one day and you see a $182,000 bill and you say ok we've got to continue to move forward," says Superintendent of the Barren County School District, Bo Matthews.

KSBIT is a former low cost, risk pool insurance offered to state districts. The group faces an estimated $50 million to $60 million deficit.

In the letter to superintendents, KSBIT says the estimate is on the high end.

School districts say either way, it's a payment that could hamper many budgets.

"It wouldn't take very long that this would impact a great number of employees if we had to reduce our staff in order to pay that assessment back to KSBIT," says Matthews.

As the competition for low cost insurance increased many districts opted out of KSBIT, which caused the deficit. Past and current members are now paying the price.

"The troubling part is that his organization has been able to go back to 1990 and create a calculation for school districts to have to pay," says Matthews.

Schools have the option to pay yearly or one lump sum. Many are left searching for more answers.

"We are also seeking legal counsel to see if there are any other options available to us," says Matthews.

Superintendent Matthews says whatever the solution he hopes it will not affect students in the classroom.

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