Area School Receives Active Shooter Training

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Clinton County students will return to the classroom next Tuesday, but today the school district demonstrated safety is a priority.

Faculty, staff, and law enforcement participated in an "Active Shooter Scenario."

It was a drill that felt all too realistic as the superintendent and principle of Clinton County High School were taken hostage by a man armed with a gun.

"When I walked into the principle's office and was in that scenario it was alarming, it was quite alarming, so that just tells me we're never prepared enough," says Charlotte Bernard, Superintendent of Clinton County Schools.

The intruder would then make his way to the classrooms, take aim at unsuspecting faculty members, who were acting as students, and shots rang out like firecrackers as some were hit with "simunition" rounds.

"What's the next step. What do I need to do as far as to stabilize this student who has just been shot. Do I have supplies in my room to stabilize the wounds that he has incurred, so a lot of things go through your mind," says Stacey Evans, a teacher at Clinton Co. High School.

Once the shooter has left the classroom the teacher is then instructed to slide a piece of paper underneath the classroom door.

Red signifying that someone inside has been injured.

"Hopefully practice will prepare us even though we know that in any event you can't be fully prepared. It's important to keep everyone calm," says Evans.

Law enforcement officials then entered the school, took out the shooter, secured the building, and began helping the wounded.

"Being involved in this incident and how scary it is to hear the guns and to be that close to a shooter I think every time you would go through a scenario like this you would get stronger and better prepared," says Bernard.

School Safety Coordinator Kevin Groce, who planned the scenario, says the drill marks a shift in mind set just in case this attack becomes reality.

"Parents drop their children off to us each day that's the first thing they expect of us is to keep their child safe."

Groce says he believes the stress of the drill will improve the districts safety measures.

For the last couple of years the Clinton County School District has executed scenarios such as this so faculty, staff, and law enforcement agencies can learn to respond as they have been trained.

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