Area Schools Practicing Earthquake Drills

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Schools nationwide participated in the Great Central U.S. Shake-Out today.

February is National Earthquake Month, and the purpose of today's event was to help students prepare if an earthquake occurs.

When the "COWS" sirens went off at 10:15 Thursday morning all across Warren County, students followed the guidelines to protect themselves during an earthquake.

"Several years ago we started practicing earthquake drills and today at 10:15 we will have our earthquake drill and let our students know to stop drop and cover," says McNeill Elementary Principal Marsha Ingram.

"You want to be under something sturdy with your hands over your neck and your hands holding on the the legs of the sturdy object," says McNeill Elementary fifth grader, Kaleb Ford.

The fifth grade students you just saw put together presentations about the earthquake drills to help prepare the rest of the school in the event an earthquake would occur.

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