Area Students Practice Statewide Tornado Drills

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March is Severe Weather Awareness Month, and today, schools and businesses across Kentucky, practiced duck and cover, in case of a tornado.

At 9:07 Tuesday morning the COWS Sirens went off, and area schools had students practice the drills.

Principal Jim Tinius says students at Potter-Gray Elementary in Bowling Green practice the drills several times, because it's important to keep them prepared throughout the year.

"The big thing we tell them to do is just to do it the way we practiced it, to listen to their teachers. Just remain calm. We've had to go out in the hallways a few times with precautionary measures, and we try to tell them it's for safety and we want them to be in the right place in case the weather changes on a dime," Principal Tinius says.

March starts the spring severe weather season.

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