Arrests Made in Rock Creek Drive Murder in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- 21-year-old Dominique Wortham and 19-year-old Adriana Mason have been arrested and charged in the September 2nd murder of 22-year-old Larry Thomas.
Mason was arrested Friday afternoon in Paducah. Dominique Wortham was a student at Western Kentucky University.

"Information obtained by the Bowling Green Police Department led them to apprehend Mr. Wortham last night (Thursday) on WKU's campus," says Commonwealth's Attorney Chris Cohron.

Bowling Green Police say Wortham confessed to shooting Larry Thomas during a robbery at his apartment on Rock Creek Drive. Witnesses at the scene on the night of September 2nd say Thomas ran to a neighbor for help, while holding his stomach. It's those neighbors accounts that may have lead to the arrest.

"There were literally dozens of investigative leads that had to be followed up on over the period of the last couple weeks. Thankfully one of the leads did pan out and led to Mr. Worthams arrest," says Cohron.

The murder of Larry Thomas was Bowling Green's second murder in a matter of days. With the latest arrests, both now have suspects behind bars.

"In any situation where an assault turns into a murder or starts out as a murder, all of our detectives respond and all the detectives work on the case," says Officer Ronnie Ward with the Bowling Green Police Department.

"Anytime we have a homicide in Warren County, no matter what agency is handling it, all the agencies not only will use all resources at their capabilities but also will enlist all other additional agencies that are necessary," says Cohron.

Both Mason and Wortham remain behind bars on $1 million cash bond. They will both appear in court on Wednesday.

UPDATE: 9/13/13 4:10 PM CDT

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Bowling Green Police Department says it has arrested a second subject in connection with the murder of Larry Thomas.

Adriana M. Mason, 19, of Paducah, was arrested in Paducah early Friday.

Mason has been charged with murder for her involvement in Thomas' death.

Police say Mason's exact involvement is unknown at this time.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Bowling Green Police Department say they have made an arrest in the murder of Larry Thomas.

Police have arrested Dominique L. Wortham, 21, of Bowling Green, for murder.

Police say Worthman confessed to shooting and killing Thomas on September 2.

Thomas was shot at an apartment on Rock Creek Drive. He later died at the hospital.

Wortham told police he shot Thomas during the course of a robbery.

Wortham is a student at Western Kentucky University.

The investigation is ongoing.

Adriana M. Mason
Dominique L. Wortham

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