At Least 6 Meth Labs Found In Warren County This Week

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Warren County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a home on Shanty Hollow Drive Thursday Night after a tip about a possible meth lab.

Upon arrival deputies noticed a strong odor associated with meth and found an active lab inside. Arrested were Leslie Pardue, Steven Pardue, Sue Ann Vanbuskirk, and John York.

All were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine.

This is latest in a string of meth labs found in Warren County.

"This week in Warren County there have actually been five meth labs. One was handled by the State Police, two by the Bowling Green Police, and two by the Warren County Sheriffs Office," says Director of the Bowling Green - Warren County Drug Task Force Tommy Loving.

The increased numbers have the drug task force on alert.

"We have had that high number before but not this year. We were actually beginning to see a decrease in meth labs but this is certainly making us wonder if this trend is going to continue," says Loving.

A meth lab found in Bowling Green on September 20th shows the danger associated with manufacturing meth. Neighbors said they noticed smoke coming out of a window.

Loving says it's only a matter of seconds before that smoke can turn explosive.

"If things go wrong in this process which they do from time to time this bottle can turn in to a fireball. It's basically the same as a ticking bomb," says Loving.

Late Friday, Sheriff's responded to another meth lab in Warren County on Brookwood Drive.

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