Glasgow Family of Four Loses Everything in Fire

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A family of 4 in Glasgow lost everything they owned when a fire ignited in their trailer home around 5 yesterday evening.

The family says they are thankful no one was injured, but sad they no longer have a place to call home.

We lost everything we got but we ain't going to let that get us down. We're going to keep trying,"says George Yates, who lost his home in the fire.

George Yates had just sent his fiance and her 2 kids to pickup dinner when the furnace he was working on caught fire.

"My furnace I got a new modem so I can try to make it work so we can have heat. Next thing I know fire come from the bottom of it where the gas line is, and started blowing up on me. I'm lucky it didn't happen at night and burn us all up,"says Yates.

"Really I was afraid he was still in it,"says Sharon West, Yates' fiance.

While the family had no injuries, the Glasgow Fire Department was able to save one of their two pets.

"Some form of snake we got out of the structure,"says Easton Weathers, of the Glasgow Fire Department.

"Thank God they saved my snake. I'm thankful for that but I wish the cat could have lived,"says West.

With no insurance and $7,000 worth of damage the family says tough days lie ahead.

"Been working hard trying to have something. Me and her and the kids. We lived in another trailer and the roof and floor was falling in on it. My neighbor William Clark lent me money to buy this, and now this
happens. We spent every penny we got,"says Yates.

And what they will miss the most...

"All the photos of my deceased mom, the photos of my children growing up, all the photos. The things that are irreplaceable,"says West.

But the family hopes to move past the tragedy.

"Gotta finish the home we started building,"says Yates.

The Red Cross was called in to help the family.

They are currently staying in a hotel.

If you would like to help, you can call the Glasgow Fire Department at 270-651-5170.

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