Attorney Discusses Video in Area Bus Crash

There's new video evidence in an area bus crash.

While only one of 55 was injured, and there are currently no criminal charges, several filed suit shortly after a bus accident in early June in Hart County.

"The video is alarming. It shows the driver is speeding on a rural road that he had never been on before. It shows he only has one hand on the steering wheel, and for some reason he keeps looking down to his left as he goes along," said attorney Mike Breen.

The students and parents on this trip were headed to Washington D.C. But only got a few miles down the road on Highway 728 in Hart County.

Breen has named the driver, Timothy Saum, the bus company New Image Travel, and the tour group, WorldStrides, all as defendants and he says they've all denied responsibility.

"Usually when we have these types of cases, there has been a breakdown in the system further up in the chain of command that allowed this to happen in the first place," said Breen.

While WorldStrides did not get back with us, New Image Travel did make the following statements.

Breen's statement about denying responsibility is not completely accurate.

He also denied a previous claim that Saum drove from Chicago, then planned to drive to D.C. all in one day.

They have settled with some outside of court.

However, those related to this case, say there is still a long way to go.

Both attorneys say right now they are in the discovery part of this case, obtaining records of people involved.

Breen says due to to the complexity of this case, the trial date is not set until 2014, where the case will be tried in Bowling Green in federal court.

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