Attorney Files Suit in Shooting Death of Brandon Bradshaw

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Attorney Gary Logsdon filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of Brandon Bradshaw's widow, Heidi Bradshaw, late Tuesday afternoon in federal court.

"I think there are sufficient facts to justify this matter being presented to a court and a jury," said Logsdon.

The suit names multiple top law enforcement officials and former Court Security Officer Tommy Brown who shot Brandon Bradshaw a year ago today.

A Grand Jury found Brown not guilty of any criminal charges last March.

Counsel for Brown said this was a case of a self-defense.

"This is one of the most, if not the most thoroughly investigated cases I've ever seen. There was an independent eyewitness who knows no one who unfortunately saw Brandon Bradshaw draw a gun on Tommy Brown," said attorney Alan Simpson.

However, Logsdon disagrees

"Brandon Bradshaw fires no shots. Tommy Brown fires three shots in self-defense?" said Logsdon.

Simpson said this whole case has been difficult for the Browns.

"Since this incident happened, it's been hard to deal with for Tommy as well and his family. So, Tommy retired from being a bailiff with the sheriff's office," said Simpson.

One of the biggest complaints in the suit is there wasn't a proper medical response.

The suit says "Once the agents/officers of the Responding Agencies arrived, some person from a Responding Agency reported that Bradshaw was "10-7" (police terminology that means "out of commission" - in this case, dead) and that medical treatment was pointless. Contrary to this reported condition, Bradshaw was not dead, and in fact had a strong pulse."

Logsdon said his office has been contacted by the FBI and there is an ongoing investigation in which his office has fully participated in and cooperated.

There is no dollar figure listed in the suit regarding damages, but Logsdon says they would be substantial.

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