Attorney General Conway Announces Final Payments for Eastern Livestock Victims

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Hart County, Ky. - It's a story we've reported on continuously since 2010 and recently we have another development.

Farmers who originally didn't file the necessary paperwork to get full restitution in the Eastern Livestock check kiting scheme got some money back.

"Naturally I was pleased I got something. It really hurt me to have to lose six thousand dollars, but you know it was either take this or not get anything really," said check kiting victim and Hart County cattle farmer Bobby Smith.

"My staff has worked very hard on this and of these 35, the vast majority of them are pleased that they just got something, because I think in the first place they didn't expect my office to do what we did," said Attorney General Jack Conway.

Conway's office has now given out several hundred thousand dollars in restitution to farmers.

This latest bit totals a little more than $55,000.

"The last roughly $56,000 what we did is on a pro rate basis, the larger the loss, the larger the payment to the last group of these 35 farmers," said Conway.

Bobby Smith is a cattle farmer in Hart County who didn't file with the bond company so he didn't get his full $8,000 dollars back from the cattle he sold a few years ago, but did get almost $2,800.

"The reason I didn't get full restitution because I didn't file for the bond. The reason I didn't file for the bond is I called out in Iowa and talked to the man in charge there and he told me, you can file but you'll only get a few pennies to the dollar," said Smith.

Smith said he wishes he could get it all back, but this bad deal didn't really cripple his cattle business and now all farmers at least have some restitution.

The Attorney General's office handed out nearly $900,000 in restitution and a large amount of those did get all of their money back.

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