Aviation Campers Enjoy Hands On Experience

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- The Bowling Green Warren county Regional Airport is hosting its annual Aviation Camp. This year's camp consists of 42 students, some local and many who travel from out of state for the experience.

While the two day camp features flight simulations and classroom style learning, the most exciting moments comes when participants actually get the chance to fly a plane.

"It's a very good feeling when you see those children after they come back to Bowling Green. They land and they get out of that airplane and they have that sense of excitement and that little bit of fear. Like 'oh my gosh, I just completed my first flight!'" said Rob Barnett, Regional Airport Manager.

"I thought this was a really cool opportunity, because I won't be driving a car until I'm sixteen, so flying a plane is a close second," said Megan Jones, Aviation Camper.

There are scholarships available to campers and officials say next year's Aviation Camp will be planned shortly after this one is finished.

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