Aviation Heritage Park Celebrates Annual Hanger Party

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Aviation Heritage Park hosted it's annual Hanger Party at the Bowling Green Airport tonight.

There was food music, and of course the highlight of the evening, historic planes.

They also revealed their new F111 "Aarvark."

The airplane participated in the 1986 Libyan raid and flew in numerous missions including Operation Desert Storm.

The event raises money for the non-profit to help in the park's efforts to preserve the planes and bring a piece of history to the area.

"South Central Kentucky has many aviators that have made significant contributions to the history of aviation and their stories go largely untold and what we want to do at Aviation Heritage Park is to use the artifacts that we restore to tell the story, especially to the younger generation," says Col. Arnie Franklin.

Aviation Heritage Park accommodates up to a total of seven planes.

Currently there are three air crafts.

For more information on the park you can click on the link below.

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