Aviation Heritage Park Prepares for Annual Hangar Party

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Aviation Heritage Park in Bowling Green continues to see improvements as it prepares for it's newest aircraft.

The park received a new welcome monument today thanks to an anonymous donor. This is just in time for the park's annual hangar party tomorrow evening. There will be food, music and dancing to local band skip bond and the fugitives. They will also reveal their new F111 "aarvark."

"The F-111 is here to honor one of Bowling Green's own, Col. Arnie Franklin. Arnie Franklin actually flew this airplane, number 178, and this airplane also participated in the 1986 Libyan Raid and flew in numerous missions in Operation Desert Storm," said Aviation Heritage Park Executive Vice President Dan Cherry.

The party will raise money to help in the park's efforts to preserve history and tell the stories of veterans in our area. For more on the Hangar Party, see the link below.

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