BG Area Chamber Launches Unprecedented Online Business Tool

It's known as SizeUp and it will allow businesses to do several different things, including allowing businesses to get data on revenues, salaries, health insurance costs and more.

The Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce is the first in the nation to offer the new online business tool SizeUp for chamber partners.

"For the first time our partners will have market data in the past that was really only available to much larger companies, and they would contract for it. That will help them focus in on their business plan and grow their business faster," said Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce President Ron Bunch.

It's an online tool that presents graphs, charts and could be very helpful to someone looking to start a business in Bowling Green or the surrounding communities.

"They get access to the tool, and they can use the tool to help them build their business plan, everything from looking at competition to the kind of demographics that would most likely buy their product or service," said Bunch.

However, it also can help those who are already here.

"An existing company could look at how they compare to like companies in the community. If they're growing, they could say well we're growing in this location, let me look at similar locations in the ten county region that might be a second location or a third location for our company," said Bunch.

For Farmers National Bank, it's not only going to be a big help, but also a savings.

"We underwrite loans on a daily basis, and a lot of the information that was unveiled this morning led me to believe that we'll no longer have to pay for that information and we could use better data to analyze loans that we're approving here in this market," said Farmers National Bank President Dan Harbison.

SizeUp is just starting up here, but businesses hope it will make them more successful.

There will be a training for SizeUp on April 16th from 7:30 to 9:30 in the morning at the chamber.

This tool will only be available to businesses who are partners with the Chamber of Commerce.