BG City Budget: No Tax Increases and No New Debt

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- For many cities and people across the country, the recession of 2008 hit hard.

The city of Bowling Green is now moving in the right direction, because of difficult decisions made a few years back.

"That begs the question, did a bunch of money come in? No. We've reduced our cost footprint over the last five years that now we're able to prioritize and spend money on those things that we should be spending money on," said City Manager Kevin DeFebbo.

City officials are set to vote on the $100 million 2014-2015 budget soon.

This budget has a lot of good news in it.

"There will be no property tax recommendation for an increase. We'll be using no reserves and because of our lower cost footprint we'll be able to do some great things," said DeFebbo.

Some of those things include improving roads and sidewalks in Bowling Green, building a new soccer complex on the west end of the city and helping out city workers.

"We were able to do some things for employees. They'll get a 2% cost of living increase with our step program still being funded for our employees," said Bowling Green City Commissioner Bill Waltrip.

Commissioner Waltrip said they're also trying to help the public get around the community even better.

"We were able to put in $80,000 to enhance the public transportation. Is that enough? No, but again that's a start," said Waltrip.

The city commission will discuss it in open meeting next Tuesday when they have their first reading of the budget.

Tuesday's meeting will be the first reading, but the budget won't become official until passed on the second reading.

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