BG City Commission Looks at Rezoning and Annexation

Tomorrow the Bowling Green City Commission looks to help continue boosting the local economy.

The commission will likely annex a property of land in the Transpark bringing it into the city limits.

"It's been our number one goal since I've been on the commission, to bring new industry, new jobs to the community, especially in the area of manufacturing because those are considered baseline jobs upon which other service related jobs are built upon," said Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson.

This would be a first step toward getting a new industry in Bowling Green.

Once it's in the city limits it will need to be re-zoned for heavy industry.

"Our reason for the re-zoning is to be ahead of the curve, and not have entertain a potential client, new business coming here and have to tell them, the property you're interested in or might be interested in is not zoned," said Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce Director of Communications Nick Fuhrman.

Right now it isn't clear what new company or new jobs are headed to Bowling Green.

"We don't discuss the details of any one of them, but we're actively competing on 210 opportunities," said Fuhrman.

In another property related issue, the city commission is looking at a re-zoning of a piece of land on Smallhouse Road.

"I think that if I read the information correctly, it expands the number of homes that the developer can have on that property from 18 or 19 to 28 or 29," said Wilkerson.

That re-zoning has been somewhat controversial, and now it will be up to the commission.

Mayor Wilkerson also said the city will discuss sidewalk construction near Lehman and Ogden.

The commission meets at 7 pm tomorrow in city hall.

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