BG City Commission Approves City Expansion on First Reading

The first Bowling Green City Commission of 2013 may not have been the most wild meeting, but several appointments and items were approved.

One item the city approved was for new sidewalk construction along Russellville Road and East Eleventh.

"We have allowed in our budget a certain amount of money for sidewalk construction. We want to continue those projects throughout our community to provide safe sidewalks for our citizens," said Bowling Green City Commissioner Melinda Hill.

The commission also approved a small expansion of the city.

On the first reading, commissioners approved roughly ten new acres to be added near the new Smallhouse and Cave Mill Road intersection.

It was basically a small island of county that the property owner wanted incorporated into the city.

"Approved it because the property owners approached this city, and I hope citizens understand that. We did not go to them, they came to us, and asked for us to annex them," said Hill.

City officials say this will help because now this area can receive city emergency services and there won't be the confusion.

Tonight was also the first meeting for newly elected City Commissioner Rick Williams.

"I'm anxious to get started, and I have been for a number of weeks so this was nice to be let out of the starting gate," said Williams.

It was a relatively quiet night for Williams who made a few motions, but he came to the office with some issues on his mind.

"There were several things that came up while i was out talking to people, going door to door. In most cases, most people are interested in what's happening at the end of their driveway," said Williams.

The first meeting of 2013 is in the books, but city officials have a lot ahead including a retreat next week to outline the entire year.

The small expansion near Cave Mill and Smallhouse Roads will not become official unless approved on the second reading.

The next meeting for the Bowling Green City Commission will be the first Tuesday in February.

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