BG-Warren County Schools Prepare For Mediation

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- It hasn't been for a lack of trying; but mediation is the next step for the Warren County Schools and Bowling Green City Schools. The decision was made at a Warren County School Board meeting Monday night, but both districts agree that it was the only option left.

"We've been having conversations since back in the fall, as early as September. Mr. Clayton and I have had several meetings. We've communicated back and forth with our board members in between those meetings. Unfortunately, we ultimately came to the point where we couldn't come to an agreement that we could both accept at this point in time," said Bowling Green Independent Schools Superintendent, Joe Tinius.

Each district has their own goals and things they would like to see out of a non-resident agreement.

"Look at a gradual reduction of those numbers, and in this case a reduction over ten years," commented Warren County Public Schools Superintendent, Rob Clayton.

But they know give and take will be expected.

"A mediator feels like they've done a good job if both sides leave feeling like they had to give up something." added Tinius.

The man put in place to help spur an agreement is Paducah attorney, Rick Walter. WBKO spoke with Walter Tuesday, who said he's been informed of his appointment to the mediation, and he plans to educate himself on the situation before the February 8 meeting.

If for someone reason, mediation doesn't bring the two districts to an agreement, then an appeal to the Education commissioner is possible. That may ultimately lead to a hearing like the one each side went through last July.

The meeting location hasn't been solidified yet, though it's expected to be in Bowling Green. Each school's Superintendent, Board Chair, Vice-Chair, and attorney will be allowed to attend.

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