BGFD Stays Sharp with Emergency Training

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Emergencies happen everyday, so it's only right that those expected to respond are ready. The Bowling Green Fire Department took part in a training exercise at Greenwood Mall Sunday to stay on their toes.

"Any time we can do hands on drills it's very important. It's no comparison from hands on to the classroom. You actually get a feeling of what the buildings are like, the layouts, the connections. Also, if you make mistakes it's better to make them here than on the fire scene." said Captain Ray Clayton of the BGFD

Though no ones life is in danger during the drill, It's days like these that prepare the firefighters for those missions.

"Everything has to work together. Search and Rescue, Fire Attack and then Ventilation, all have to work together. To make chemistry and to make it all work." added Training Captain Jason Seders of BGFD.

An emergency situation could devastate a heavily populated place like Greenwood Mall, especially if emergency personnel isn't properly prepared.

"This mall could be open and have a lot of people in it. If something were to happen like an aircraft landing into it or whatever. We need to know every place to go in this mall. We need to know how to get to the victims to rescue them as quickly as possible so they could get them out of harm's way. So everybody has a specific function when they show up. It's not like total chaos. That's why training is so very very important to us." commented Clayton

What ever the emergency situation may be,the residents of Bowling Green can feel safe with highly trained professionals at their service.

Captain Seders is proud of how swiftly the drill went and of the overall status of the department. "We have good personnel, good training personnel, state of the art equipment, and good attitude. With those 3 things you could pretty much rate us as far as I'm concerned in the top fire departments around."

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