Bowling Green High School Welcomes The "Challenge"

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Hard work inside the classroom is paying off at Bowling Green High School. For the 3rd consecutive year The Washington Post has named the school one of "America's Most Challenging".

Principal Gary Fields says the honor goes along with their college and career readiness program.

"Our goal is to get kids prepared for whatever they want to do when they leave Bowling Green High School. If it's enroll in a four year school, two year school or go straight to a career. So this is just one aspect of preparing kids," says Fields.

To make the list the number of students taking advanced placement courses is considered. At Bowling Green High 31% of the student body is. In fact, a number of students who walk down the stage and on to college will have enough credits to be considered a sophomore.

"It gives them an opportunity to really start getting in to major classes earlier, which is more high interest for them because they don't have to take as many electives. It also gives them some flexibility because school is less expensive and they can graduate in four years," says Fields.

AP english teacher Ada Skillern says making the cut as a "challenging school" is a win for the entire district.

"It is such a rich reflection of their entire school experience from the time they are starting to learn to read and write," says Skillern.

As many begin their journey in higher education they don't forget about their hard work in the past.

"Some of the greatest evidence or rewards are when our students come back after they have left us to provide testimonials to the current crop of kids and give them that vision into the future," says Skillern.

According to The Washington Post that future may look a little brighter for those at Bowling Green High.

1,900 schools made this year's most challenging list. Bowling green was one of only 12 in Kentucky and the only in our region. To see the complete list click the link below.

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