BGHS Students Creating Mural to Take a Stand Against Bullying

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Students and staff at Bowling Green High School are taking a stand against bullying this week.

Today, they let their paint brushes do the talking. Students from different organizations joined to create a community mural that will go on display in the lunch room. One student says it will serve as a constant reminder of the issue.

"It's really important for people to be aware of bullying. This way, people will pass by and see, oh I know what that its, that's about anti-bullying, and that's kind of... actually it's really important for students to be aware of and to help to stop," said BGHS student Ellan Luna.

The mural embodies different student organizations and symbols representing things the school takes pride in.

The anti-bullying efforts will continue with a parents forum on Thursday night, and a student panel Friday to discuss combating bullying.

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