Tommy Brown Is Not Indicted in the Shooting of Brandon Bradshaw

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Updated: 3/27/13

A Warren County Grand Jury gives Tommy Brown a no true bill regarding the shooting of Brandon Bradshaw. Brown was not indicted.

A news conference Wednesday revealed new details in the case.

Warren County Commonwealth Attorney Chris Cohron, said Brandon Bradshaw did have a weapon with him at the time of the incident.

Alan Simpson, Tommy Brown's attorney, said Brown acted in self-defense.

Updated: Sat 6:01 AM, Mar 09, 2013
Kentucky State Police are still not releasing any information in the death investigation following last week's shooting in Bowling Green involving Brandon Bradshaw and Warren County court security officer Tommy Brown.

This leaves many questions still unanswered, and a former Bowling Green Police chief explains why investigations of this type can take time.

"You've got to take time to get it right, and you never want to short credit an investigation for any reason, no matter how much pressure there is because you want the outcome to be the best, most detailed you could possibly have with the fullest amount of credibility," said Former Bowling Green Police Chief Jerry Wells.

Wells says if he were conducting a death investigation, he would not release any information until it had been turned over to the Commonwealth Attorney and the grand jury, who would then make a decision on an indictment.

Posted: Sat 1:32 PM, Mar 02, 2013
Kentucky State Police say Brandon Bradshaw, who was shot during Tuesday's incident on 31 W Bypass in Bowling Green, has died.

Bradshaw was pronounced dead at 10:10 this morning at the Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville Tennessee.

An autopsy is scheduled, and the investigation is still on-going.

Bradshaw, a former Constable, was allegedly shot by Tommy Brown, an off-duty Warren County Sheriff's Court Security Officer.

A prayer vigil for Bradshaw will be held at Circus Square Park tonight at 7p.m.

Updated: Thu 1:18 AM, Feb 28, 2013
Kentucky State Police say Brandon Bradshaw, 27, is at Vanderbilt University Hospital where he is being treated for wounds to the neck and upper and lower right arm. He is still listed in critical condition.

KSP says the shooter was Thomas Brown, an off-duty Warren County Sheriff's Bailiff.

Brown has been placed on Administrative Leave by the Warren County Sheriff’s Department per their departmental policy.

Once the investigation is complete it will be sent to the Warren County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office for review.

Posted: Tue 2:04 PM, Feb 26, 2013
What began as a normal trip to the pharmacy, became startling for one man Tuesday afternoon in Bowling Green.

"I was just sitting at the drive-thru window at Walgreen's, and I heard three or four gunshots go off," said bystander Jeff Milam.

He was just yards away from what Kentucky State Police say was an officer-involved shooting in the parking lot of Michelle's Consignment on the 31-W bypass.

Thomas Brown, a Warren County Security Officer, allegedly shot Brandon Bradshaw, 27, of Bowling Green.

KSP says Brown was off duty when he shot Bradshaw.

"Mr. Brown has been placed on administrative leave, per the Warren County Sheriff's Department's policy," said Trooper Jonathan Biven.

Bradshaw is a former Warren County Constable, and current SkyPAC Youth Theater Educator.

SkyPAC released this statement, "We at SkyPAC are shocked and deeply saddened by this tragic event. Brandon is a fixture in Bowling Green's youth theater community, and has quickly helped shape SkyPAC as our youth theater educator. We have been contacted by GRECC, who has offered grief counseling services, through the regional school districts, to the numerous young people who have been touched and inspired by Brandon," says SkyPAC Executive Director Tom Tomlinson.

KSP says Bradshaw was transported by ambulance to The Medical Center in critical condition, and was later transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. Brown was not injured.

There were two pickup trucks at the scene. One truck's passenger side window was shattered. Kentucky State Police are not releasing details regarding the cause of the shooting.

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