Baby Boy Born as Bowling Green's First of 2013

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A Bowling Green couple kicked-off 2013 by giving birth to their second son at 5:42 this morning.

For Cambodian parents Jenny and Hout Chhor having the first baby of the new year is just an added perk to what their baby's birth means to them.

"This year is very special because it only happens once in every 12 cycles," Hout says.

He's talking about the Year of the Dragon, which he says is the best of the best for the Chinese Horoscope.

He believes little Blazen Hunter is destined for success.

"I consider maybe he will be a good leader a strong leader," the proud father says.

For this new mother putting her happiness into words is more difficult.

Having lived in America for only sixteen years, Jenny does not fully know English.

But there were few words needed for the love she has for her 7.9 lbs baby boy.

"Happy... very excited... very happy," Jenny says.

And as dad watches over his son, he knows the first of each year will now have more meaning.

"He's wonderful, he's really amazing," he says.

The couple was given a gift basket filled with baby essentials courtesy of the Medical Center.

Little Blazen Hunter Chhor was the only baby born in Bowling Green this morning.

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