Bargain Hunters Save Big During 400 Mile Yard Sale

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) Bargain hunters have been out since Thursday driving down Highway 68 looking for treasures along the 400 Mile Yard Sale.

"You cannot fit nothing else in my car," said one buyer, Brandy Grant, pointing at her car window.

After making stops along the highway all Sunday...

"My mom's back here buried -- you can't even see her face," Grant said, laughing at her mom who was sitting next to a pile of yard sale finds in the back seat.

They're loaded up on treasures.

"We're broke. We are broke," said Kim Ryan, who was shopping with Grant.

While they may have busted their budgets for Sunday, they said they were really saving money during the sale -- something many people strive to do in a tough economy.

"It's cheap, honey. We're broke these days. It's hard to make a living. It's a nice way to spend my dollar. I work hard for those dollars," Ryan said.

For the sellers, they're making a little profit off things they no longer need.

"Well, I've made over $600 dollars," said Tom Linner, who took his business, Tom's Toys & Collectibles, outside this weekend.

"Everybody's in competition with each other. We're all cutting deals left and right. It's been really fun," said Brittany Carpenter, who was selling with her husband for the first time this year.

Sellers and buyers said the attraction of the statewide sale goes beyond making wallets a little thicker.

"It's the old stuff, mainly, that you can't buy anymore," Linner said.

"Like me, just like to go and prowl and dig through stuff and find treasures that you can't go to Walmart and find. You find the good treasures places like this," said Stacy Rickard, a shopper from Princeton, Kentucky.

They said it's ultimately just a good time -- a chance to take a road trip and meet others who share that same bargain-hunting hobby.

"We ran into some lady, and we heard her talk. She was from Missouri, and this was down in Western Kentucky around Paducah, and she had come from Missouri. So I imagine people come from quite a ways away," Rickard said.

The 400 Mile Yard Sale happens the first weekend of June each year with stops along the road from Paducah to Maysville.

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