Barren Co. Man Arrested Following Topix Investigation

BARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- When you post something on a social forum site like Topix, it doesn't necessarily mean you're anonymous.

Barren County Sheriff's Office arrested 33 year-old Chad Alan Kender on multiple charges including terroristic threatening, impersonating a police officer and tampering with physical evidence.

These charges relate from threats he made against Barren County Judge/Executive Davie Greer and talking about Barren County residents being shot if they were out past a curfew.

"Everybody has a right to free speech, that's a constitutional right that you're given, but when you go onto a forum or a website and you make threats against citizens of this county or public servants or your neighbor for that matter, you've committed a crime. It doesn't take long for us to be able to catch on and backtrack you and figure out exactly where that threat came from," said Barren County Sheriff Deputy Mike Houchens.

The Sheriff's office said they worked with Topix and bluegrass cellular and were able to trace the IP address.

Kender even allegedly tried to cover it up by posing as a police officer.

"He used an officer's information to contact Topix to have the post removed," said Houchens.

"The interesting thing about this case is what he was originally charged with terroristic threatening is only a misdemeanor and in an attempt to cover up his crime, he's committed if in fact these allegations are true, two felonies. So, he could be looking at up to ten years in prison for committing a class a misdemeanor and trying to cover it up with two felonies," said legal expert Alan Simpson.

While the post may not be there anymore, people are still talking about it, on Topix.

Police say they certainly have the tools to find you if you commit a crime on a site like Topix.

The Barren County Sheriff's Office says the investigation is still ongoing.

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