Tarry Asks for Recanvass; Steward May Ask for Recount

GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- Democratic Judge-Executive candidate Bud Tarry will get a recanvass of votes from the democratic primary election he lost on Tuesday.

The Barren County Clerk's office confirmed the recanvass.

Third place in the race, Chris Steward, told WBKO he will probably ask for a recount depending on the results of the recanvass.

Michael Hale won the democratic primary by only three votes over Tarry and 16 votes over Steward.

A recanvass and recount are different. Recanvass typically checks for math and human errors. A recount costs money and usually goes through the court system.

The Barren County clerk's office said the county board of elections will administrate over the county clerk's recanvass.

There is a dispute over absentee votes. Steward claims there is an issue with 200 absentee votes. However, the County Clerk's office said only 27 absentee ballots were thrown out due to varying reasons such as envelopes not being sealed or no signature.

Steward is also upset about some absentee ballots that were cast and not counted because the people who cast the ballot died before the election.

According to county officials, four of these ballots were cast out, per a Kentucky attorney general's opinion.

The ruling, OAG-77-667, from November 3rd, 1977 states absentee ballots are considered as being cast on election day even though they are actually voted prior to that time.

It cites a previous case where the court said "if a person prepared an absent ballot and deposited to be cast as the law directed, dies before election day, the ballot should not be counted."

The recanvass of the vote will take place May 29th at 9:00 a.m. From there Steward will make his final decision on a recount.

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