Defense Attacks Integrity of FBI Investigation

It's the second week of the trial for Barren County Sheriff Chris Eaton and two other law enforcement officers

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Monday morning began with both sides agreeing on a few different issues in the form of a stipulation, including acknowledging there were photographs of the incident deleted.

A former dispatcher who was on duty that day testified. She said there was no entry on her dispatch report about Stinnett having a weapon.

The defense highlighted there are multiple channels and the call about a weapon could have been on a different channel.

Special Agent David McClelland then took the stand. He is an investigator on the case.

The prosecution is highlighting inconsistencies in the three defendants reports about the incident.

When the defense began cross-examination of McClelland, they hammered home the point, none of the FBI interviews with Sheriff Eaton, deputy Aaron Bennett and Barren County drug task force officer Eric Guffey were recorded or taped.

Special Agent Mike Brown from the FBI is the lead investigator on the case. The prosecution used him as well, to show inconsistencies in the three defendant's police reports.

Eaton's attorney Guthrie True really attacked the integrity of the FBI investigation. He mentioned how they originally indicted someone and had to remove him because he wasn't there. Also, how the FBI had a private citizen collecting evidence.

Brown will still be on the stand tomorrow as the defense continues their cross-examination.

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