Closing Arguments Underway

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In the trial of Barren County Sheriff Chris Eaton and two other law enforcement officials the defense rested and the jury heard some closing arguments today.

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The final witnesses in the defense's case Wednesday morning were an expert witness and two character witnesses.

Alex Payne, an expert in the use of force, testified about amount of force used on Billy Stinnett. He said baton was best option in this case.

He also said once you control the subject and they are compliant, all force must cease. This was a point the prosecution hammered home.

Defendant Eric Guffey's attorney, Brian Butler, called a couple of character witnesses for Guffey. They testified Guffey had great character.

The prosecution pointed out neither character witness was there that day, and they don't know exactly what happened.

The character witnesses also said their opinion of Guffey would change if he did use excessive force.

Before closing arguments began, the defense attorneys once again asked for acquittal of all charges for the defendants. Judge Joseph McKinley once again denied their motion, saying it should be up to the jury to make the decision.

The first closing argument was given by the prosecution. They began and closed the argument drawing on the emotion of someone of the girls that testified they saw a beating at Calvary Baptist Church in Glasgow.

The prosecution also clearly said it was a beating and the defendants lied about it.

Sheriff Eaton's attorney, Guthrie True, gave his closing argument Wednesday as well. He said you can't believe some of the witnesses because they have lied previously in this investigation while under oath.

He also said the time line of the events according to dispatch records does not fit for an excessive beating. True is told the jury Sheriff Eaton should be found not guilty on all charges.

Closing arguments will continue tomorrow for defendants Eric Guffey and Aaron Bennett. Then the jury will begin deliberation on a verdict for all of them.

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