Several Take the Stand in Day 5 of Barren County Sheriff Trial

The first week of the trial for Barren County Sheriff Chris Eaton and two other Barren County law enforcement officials is now finished.

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Early on in Friday, Bridgett Holbrook, a forensic scientist with Kentucky State Police discussed blood spatter at the scene of the alleged incident.

Holbrook said it can't be conclusively determined if blood was dispersed from a single event or multiple events.

Holbrook reviewed pictures of incident, but didn't visit the scene until 18 months later, where tests couldn't confirm spatter was blood.

Holbrook said blood spatter was likely from a strike from an outside force, and Billy Stinnett was likely near the ground when incident happened.

Dr. Lee Carter and nurse practitioner Mary Anderson of TJ Samson hospital testified about injuries to Stinnett and defendant Aaron Bennett.

Medical records show Stinnett had multiple injuries and Bennett had a broken hand.

Prosecution tried to say injuries were related to the alleged assault of Stinnett by police.

Defense tried to establish injuries could have happened anytime throughout the chase.

Recently retired Barren County Sheriff Deputy Steve Runyon also took the stand Friday.

He testified Sheriff Eaton told him to make a false report about the incident.

He also admitted, he previously lied to a grand jury about this, telling them Eaton didn't tell him to make a false report.

Former Public Information Officer Trevor Phillips also testified Friday. He took several pictures after the alleged incident.

Previously in the trial, some have said Eaton punched Stinnett in the groin after he was in handcuffs.

Phillips said he had a picture where it appeared Eaton was striking Stinnett, but he said he deleted that picture.

He said he deleted it because it didn't look good, and said Eaton did not tell him to delete it. He also said he got rid of it before any knowledge there was an FBI investigation.

The trial resumes Monday at 9 am.

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