Barren County Approves Second Amendment Preservation Resolution

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One Barren county magistrate says it's his job to speak for the people in his county, and some of those people voiced their concerns about gun rights. So he created an ordinance with the hopes of strengthening Second Amendment protections.

"I was asked to bring an ordinance before the fiscal court, and I didn't realize at the time, the state had passed a statute concerning gun rights," said Barren County District 3 Magistrate Carl Dickerson.

That ordinance would have attempted to give the Sheriff's Department a role in protecting those rights.

"Basically our fiscal court telling our Sheriff to oppose the federal government in coming into Barren County and doing anything that would infringe on the second amendment," said Barren County Attorney Jeff Sharp.

Sharp says KRS 65-870 prohibits any local governments from passing any form of gun regulations, meaning an ordinance was now out of the question.

"There's criminal penalties for fiscal courts that do that. So because of that, we decided just to go with the resolution in support of the Second Amendment," said Sharp.

So Dickerson altered his plan to form a resolution that simply proclaims the county's support of the Second Amendment.

"It just shows people up the ladder... our state and federal elected officials how people in Barren County feel," said Dickerson.

That's a message he hopes will climb the ladder and reach Washington.

Barren county's neighboring county, Metcalfe, passed a similar resolution just last week, following what Sharp says was a trend set by Boone county in northern Kentucky just a few weeks before that.

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