Barren County Woman Dead After A Tree Falls

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A Barren County family is mourning after losing a loved one when a tree fell on her.
Around two yesterday afternoon, 59 year old Connie Wilkerson went to check on her cattle and to pick up pecans that had fallen off the trees due to strong winds. Her husband said she didn't return and he was worried. When he looked for his wife, he found her pinned under a fallen tree.

The sheriff's office says the tree fell from strong winds.
"While talking to Mr. Wilkerson he stated to us that prior to going and looking for his wife, a strong wind gust did come through the area. So we believe that the wind gust forced the tree over while Mrs. Wilkerson was there picking up the pecans."

Connie Wilkerson was pronounced dead at the scene. The family is asking for any flowers or donations to be sent to the Brawa Animal Shelter because she loved animals.