Basketball Brings Big Business To Bowling Green

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They are coming by the bus loads to Bowling Green. Thousands of basketball fans are in town for the KHSAA girls sweet 16.

With action heating up on the court, businesses are preparing for an economic boom.

"Kentucky state figures are $125 a person, a day. So your looking at a couple million dollars of economic impact for this event alone," says Amy Cardwell, Sports Sales Director for the Bowling Green Area Convention & Bureau.

The bureau says the city is a perfect fit to host basketball fans. Everything from hotels, straight down to Diddle Arena are taken into consideration.

"It's a very intimate setting for all the crowds and then the community itself makes great sacrifices and work very hard to make teams feel very special as well as the restaurants do," says Cardwell.

With plenty of busses in the parking lot, as well as enthusiastic fans, hotels say they are booked for the weekend.

"We do have teams staying since we opened the hotel and they bring a lot of business into town and all the hotels have been sold out for 3 to 4 days," says Paul Patel, owner of Country Inn and Suites.

Restaurants have already cashed in on basketball fever with the championship win by WKU. They expect more business with more basketball to come.

"It's a basketball state so we gear it towards that as well. With the girls tournament being in town, Western playing, Kentucky playing, Louisville playing very well it's a big month for us, big week for us. We try and prepare for that and look forward to it," says Cameron Feese, Manager at Overtime Sports Bar and Grill.

All in all merchants say they will welcome the big benefits of basketball anytime.

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