Battle of the School Boards Continues

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Both Warren County Public School Board and Bowling Green Independent School Board, continued their year-long dispute over a non-resident student agreement.

The hearing taking place today was very similar to the one we brought you details about last year.

Bowling Green Independent School's Superintendent, Joe Tinius, was the first witness on the stand. He testifies that all parents should be able to choose which school district and school their child attends.

Warren County School's Director of Student Services, Pat Stewart, testified there are currently seventy-four Bowling Green residents attending Warren County Schools and seven-hundred-fifty Warren County residents attending Bowling Green Independent Schools.

Both parties discussed the outcome on both sides, if the hearing solution allowed Warren County Schools took back forty-one students. This was not a confirmed decision.

Warren County School's Chief Financial Officer, Willie McElroy, says they can accommodate these students. In fact, their building capacity can accommodate about 1500 more students across their district.

The hearing continues tomorrow morning.

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