Bid Online to Help "Holiday Bash" Charities

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Holiday Bash is tomorrow night, and if you aren't attending you can still donate to the charities.

The charities participating in Holiday Bash are auctioning off several items tomorrow night.

If you can't make it, you can go online and bid on more than forty items up for auction.

Holiday Bash auctioneer, Ron Kirby says you have the opportunity to bid on everything from a fiddle signed by Charlie Daniels and Alison Krauss to a trip to Hawaii.

"You can either look at the items that your favorite charity is selling or your can just find an item that you like and bid on it. All of the proceeds go to help all of these organizations either way," Kirby says.

You can go online now if you would like, or you can participate in the live bidding tomorrow night.

Go to and go to the "Holiday Bash" auction.

Click the Holiday Bash tab on our webpage for more information.

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