Black Belt Rabbi Combats "Knockout Game"

NEW YORK, Ny. (WBKO) -- People all over the country have fallen victim to the so-called "knockout game." It's where people go up to strangers and try to knock them unconscious with one blow - for fun. A Rabbi in New York is fighting back.

Rabbi Gary Moskowitz has been teaching people how to defend themselves against these attacks. He is a former NY Police Officer and just happens to have a black belt in karate.

Moskowitz says he wants people to know how to stop these attacks with a few simple defense tactics that will let them gain the upper hand.

"I want send a message, clearly, to these thugs - and it's these kids who are causing these difficulties - one, (speaks Hebrew)," the Rabbi begins, "Stop your way. Turn your life around a little bit. But, if not - if you swing at me, you're going to get hit back."

Authorities in New York , New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri, and Washington have all reported "knockout" attacks.