Black Friday Shopping Traffic

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With large crowds flocking to stores comes heavy traffic, especially on roads like Campbell Ln. and Scottsville Rd. that draw in the majority of shoppers.

By late morning and early afternoon today, it wasn't the roads that were the problem, but the parking lots. One shopper explains his strategy for finding the best spots.

"I saw this guy that was about to pull out, and I was like I've gotta get that spot because there are no other spots anywhere today... so that was it. I just whipped it in there. Actually I was about to pass him, and I stopped real quick, and I was like get out! He came back out and it was all good," said shopper Chris Darity.

Darity isn't the only one giving travel advice this holiday season.

AAA advises people to make sure you are aware of your surroundings, keep valuables in the trunk or in a covered area, and in case of an emergency, keep a cell phone with you at all times.

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