Blasting Set To Begin At Franklin Rock Quarry

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Blasting is set to happen at the Franklin rock quarry any day now, but a group of neighbors is doing what it can to stop the operation. Major work is on the way, but those neighbors haven't given up.

Peace and quiet. It's just one of the reasons Neighbors Against The Quarry in Franklin said they want to do just that. Stop work from being done near their homes.

"With the blasting going on right across the creek, it's going to affect the kids at the park, the people that are walking, and the elderly that go there that might have breathing issues," said Ronda Carver.

Blasting was slated to begin today, but the threat of inclement weather postponed the work. However, that delay won't last long.

"We will load and blast rock the first day that the weather and all circumstances are suitable," said Deweese Construction Vice-President, Tim Smith.

After two years of controversy flooding the issue, with major work starting, the site is still surrounded by it. A report from Planning and Zoning Director, Joe Perry said that Deweese Construction has not complied with the conditions imposed.

"Joe Perry went out and did an inspection and found them in violation. We're asking the city, the state to put a stop to this. They're not in compliance," added a passionate Carver.

"The conditions put forth by the state agencies that govern this circumstance are in the front of our mind daily. We comply to those. We comply to MSHA regulations. We comply to all governing bodies policing the circumstance," commented Smith.

In order to take action on report the Simpson County Conditional Use Board would need 3 of its 5 members to vote that Deweese was not in compliance. A meeting of that nature was set up a few weeks ago but was canceled at the last minute. That means at this point, Deweese Construction will be able to continue work.

Deweese Construction said it will continue to maintain an ultimate respect for the well-being of the neighbors, both mentally and physically. Those neighbors said they'll continue to fight to get the quarry shut down.

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