School Board Approves New Warren County Schools Superintendent Contract

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The Warren County School Board has approved a contract for new Superintendent Rob Clayton tonight.

It's official. A four year, $148,500 a year contract approved by the school board and signed by Rob Clayton, makes him Warren County Schools new superintendent.

His success as a principal in Oldham County, and 20 years experience in education has created high expectations he says will continue in his new role.

"It begins with high expectations. Not just high expectations for our students, but also our staff and our administrators, and certainly me as the next superintendent," said Warren County Public Schools Superintendent Rob Clayton.

When speaking with staff prior to his formal interview, he said he wanted Warren County to be the best school district in the country, and says he'll begin tackling that goal on day one.

"The first thing I want to do is continue what I've been doing, and that's trying to learn as much as I can about our school district, students, staff, and community," said Clayton.

Clayton says he wants to build positive relationships with everyone associated with the school district.
Although his official duties have not begun, he says he's already started working.

"Those around you would tell you that it's already started. I was here all day today, meeting with folks throughout the district, and member of our wonderful community," said Clayton.

Clayton told staff earlier in June, it's that communication that will be key to meeting his goals.

Superintendent Clayton will officially begin work on July 1.

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