Bob Wing Running for Barren County Jailer Again

GLASGOW, Ky. -- Below is Bob Wing's news release announcing his intention to run for Barren County Jailer again:

Robert "Bob" Wing -- 2014 Barren County Jailer Candidate

My name is Robert “Bob” Wing and I’m a candidate for the Republican Primary of Barren County Jailer. Since the last election, I’I've had people asked me to run again .

First of all, I want to thank the thousands of people that voted for me on the last elections. For those that don’t know me: I moved here to Glasgow by choice 22 years ago. I have been married for 31 years to Paula (Employee at T.J. Samson for the pass 22 years as a RN). We have two daughters, Courtney 24 and Christa 19 years old. We are members of Calvary Baptist Church.

I have approx. 11 years experience in law enforcement and three academy training and certification for the following : 1). U.S. Army (military police / detective ) 2). Florida State Correctional Officer (maximum security prison ) 3). Winter Haven Police Department as patrolman. Riot task force, traffic homicide investigator, field training officer 4). Glasgow Police Department as patrolman 5). Barren County Jail as deputy jailer Other Training : (certification) 1). Upholstery 2). Carpentry 3). Industrial Electrician.

The above experience, along with operating and owning Wing’s Headliners & Upholstery business for 20 plus years and a additional new business, Southern Kentucky Supply for over 1 year, with these management skills, gives me the experience to excel at providing the public a much dedicated Jailer.

Now think about this: When you see a business expand, why is that? It’s because business is good. Should a Jail fit in that same category? Our new jail was built 68% larger that the old jail and was over crowded that first day. They don’t even call our Jail a Jail anymore nor is it called a Correctional Facility. Is it because nothing is being corrected? If you drive by this Jail, you’ll noticed it’s called a Detention Center. To me, when I hear the word detention, I think of my school days when a child was punished for talking out of turn … “They were sent to detention.”

The current Jailer made a statement saying he took it as a compliment when a inmate told him that he was running this place like a jail. The numbers don’t lie. For the past 1.5 years, I have made a daily log of how many people have been repeat offenders. It seems to be a near daily event to have repeat offenders. For example, there has been people return to our jail 4,12,28,45 and 61 times. But most of all, there’s a subject who is 35 years old and has been in our jail 86 TIMES!

When is enough-enough? Barren County Detention Center offers the following to inmates: Medical and dental care / Color T.V. & Phone in the cells / Commissary to where items can be purchased such as “ games / coffee pot /beef steak nuggets /cookies / candy / ice cream / Salmon / Tuna / Assorted desserts. The inmate doesn't’t pay for this, it’s the family members who put the money out. The inmate just kicks back and does their time.

I want to remove all privileges (A privilege is anything beyond what the Commonwealth requires) unless they voluntary work for it. I want to put them in public view in stripes on a “Chain Gang” working. Like I’I've said before: “When you punish a child, you put them in time out. Removing all privileges and giving them time to think what they have done wrong. Here, you commit a criminal offense, you get privileges. What‘s wrong with this picture?

“No I Won’t Back Down.” I pray I still have my supporters from the past and I need your vote to make a difference. If I am elected Jailer of Barren County, it will not be my Jail. It’s a Jail that belongs to the tax payers of Barren County.

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