Body of NYC Storm Victim Lay Undetected for Months

Rockaways after Superstorm Sandy
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NEW YORK (AP) -- In the chaotic days after Superstorm Sandy, an army of aid workers streamed onto the flood-ravaged Rockaway Peninsula looking for anyone who needed help.

But nobody thought to peek inside the tiny construction trailer where Keith Lancaster was sleeping the night of the storm.

It took until April 5 before an acquaintance finally went to check on the 62-year-old and found his partially skeletonized remains.

New York City's medical examiner announced this week that Lancaster had likely drowned in the flood.

Neighborhood residents described him as a loner and something of a drifter -- but a gentleman in his manners.

One family says he weeded their lawn and mended their fence, but politely declined all offers of money or food.

Police continue trying to identify any relatives.

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