Bomb Threats on Bathroom Stalls at Two Barren County Schools

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Barren County Schools receive two bomb threats Tuesday-- the first happening at the middle school, and the second bomb threat in the high school.

Around 11 in the morning a student at Barren County Middle School reported a bomb threat on a girls' bathroom stall.

"There was actually a time of 12:20 for the bomb to detonate," says Superintendent Bo Matthews.

The Barren County Sheriff's Department, Glasgow Police, and Emergency Management all started a thorough search of the school.

"At 12:20, certainly the building was evacuated by all responders and we re-entered and concluded the search at 12:45. The building was deemed all clear," Matthews says.

Students re-entered the building soon after, and minutes later another bomb threat, also on a bathroom wall, this time at the high school.

Students were evacuated to the football field and emergency crews arrived back on campus.

Traffic was backed up for parents to get their children, but one mom was thankful her daughter was safe.

"You're kind of scared a little unnervey because you are not quite sure as to what's going on, but they seem to be safe. They've all been evacuated everything seems to be running pretty smoothly. Now, we're preparing to pick them up so we should be good to go," says Margaret Crump.

Matthews says he did notify all parents about the threats, but he says social media caused several parents to worry.

"We have staff and students that have devices on their person that they are able to communicate and link to Facebook sometimes before an official position can be let out."

The high school was found clear of explosives just before four.

Matthews says attendance was not hurt by today's bomb threats.

Follow the link to the Barren County Schools Facebook page and an official statement from Superintendent Matthews: Schools/180881591954589

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