Bone Marrow Drive Registration to Benefit Local Woman

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Saving the life of a local young woman with a rare blood disease could be as easy as a quick, painless cheek swab this weekend.

You can test and register to become a potential bone marrow donor for Ginny, a Bowling Green woman who says she's been battling a rare blood cancer and auto-immune disease her entire life.

"We've tried every treatment possible, every medicine... every pill... every IV treatment.. every hospital visit... We've never found anything that works," said bone marrow transplant candidate Ginny Gipson.

The marrow donor testing will be held this Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Greenwood Park Church of Christ on Campbell Ln. in Bowling Green.

They will also be raffling off a variety of gift certificates for those who register to become potential donors, as well as fundraisers like shirts to benefit the Be the Match organization, which tests for donor matches.

If you have any questions about testing, registering or the donation process, call Ginny Gipson at (270) 784-5465, or Cathy Gamm at (989) 708-0259.

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