Boston Qualifier Marathon

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky--Over 400 people gathered in Bowling Green today to run the streets. Early this morning runners from all over visited Bowling Green for the 2013 BG Marathon. And most were anxious for the nearly 27 miles ahead of them.

"I'm jittery now, I get jittery for every race! That's just the way I am, I get psyched up for them", said Runner Jerry Armfield.

Despite the cold temperatures race organizers said today was a good day for a run.

"It's perfect running weather... you could not ask for a better day", said Lilly Wheet, Co-Race Director

This year the marathon organizers had a big announcement.

"That is the exciting news this year is that we are a Boston qualifier so if you're running the full marathon and you've got your time you should be able to get into the Boston", said Stephanie Semrick, PR Director.

Despite the bombings that happened early April runners say they would be honored to make it to the race in Massachusetts.

"That's been a goal, that's like a runners dream to make it to the Boston", James Williams, Runner.

And for those who weren't trying to qualify said it would be a great year for runners to participate in the Boston Marathon.

"I think it would be a great year for them to show how strong America is and support Boston and runners", said Stacy Jones, Runner.

After hours of running there were a total of ten people, 6 female and 4 male that qualified for Boston. Also this year organizers opened up the Race Walk division for the half marathon for those who can't run but still want to get into racing activities.