Evening Lions Club Offering Free Eye Exams For Children

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It may look like an ordinary camera, but it's actually a life changing device. Ensuring young kids can see clearly for years to come.

"What this is to catch the kids that have a problem that don't know anything about it and then they can be corrected. Most eye problems cannot be corrected after six or seven years old," says Kenneth Chapman from the Bowling Green Evening Lions Club.

The $10,000 camera was purchased by the Bowling Green Evening Lions Club. A simple snap of the lens sends enough information to an eye specialist to detect any potential issue.

"The camera will calculate and see if there is a problem. We don't tell the kids there is a problem, we don't tell anyone it's a problem. We just send it to Louisville and let them do it," says Chapman.

Problems have been found in the past.

The Early Learning Center in Bowling Green brings the free service back every year.

"We've had several students that have had glasses because of this and have had treatment because they have caught it early on and so now once they start kindergarten they will be that much more ahead of the game by doing this," says Tonya Simpson, Preschool Director at the Early Learning Center.

While an eye exam may sound and look scary for a young child. The procedure used by the Lions Club has no negative affects.

"We don't touch the kids in any way, we don't dilate their eyes. All we do is set them down in a dark room and take a picture of their eyes," says Chapman.

The Lions Club expects to examine more than 600 kids in Warren County this year.

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