Bowling Green Veterinary Technician Helps With Major Animal Rescue Effort in Tennessee

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- 75 animals were found by Hamblen County officials living in their own waste without access to food, water or proper veterinary treatment at a shelter near Morristown, TN. That's when Animal Rescue Corps, based in Washington D.C. was called in to help the 73 dogs and two cats that were rescued, and with them was volunteer Christopher Whitehurst, a veterinary technician from Greystone Pet Hopsital in Bowling Green. Whitehurst has been making trips to help with the animals' treatment at an emergency shelter set up in Lebanon, TN.

"There were alot of hungry animals... alot of dehydrated animals... We did have some illness. There was one confirmed case of Parvo with a pup that was treated. There was just alot of malnutrition. Alot of neglected infection," said Whitehurst.

Whitehurst says the illnesses he and fellow employee, Amy Meece, saw are treatable if caught early enough. He said once they have been treated and vaccinated, Animal Rescue Corps will be looking to find them homes throuhg partner shelters.

"There are local placement partners, so there's always that chance. I'd love to see them... my dog here is from the "Operation Sweethearts" we did two Februarys ago, It's great seeing them back in our area. You see them initially in their condition, and then once you see them again all happy and healthy, really, that's the pay off. That's why you do it," said Whitehurst.

Whitehurst has helped with several rescues and says Animal Rescue Corps can't do what they do without help. He says at their emergency shelter in Lebanon, they'll need some supplies, and those wishing to help from here in our area can make monetary donations on their website. You can find that site by clicking on the related link.

The animals were rescued from a facility operating as a shelter under the name The Puppy Patch, and the operators, Melissa and Kimberly Turner have been arrested and charged with 63 counts of animal cruelty.

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