Bowling Green And Warren County School Hearing: Day 2

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - More than 8 hours of testimony and 12 different witnesses made up day 2 of hearings between Warren County Public Schools and Bowling Green Independent Schools.

Members of the Warren County Board of Education took the stand Friday. That included vice-chair Mike Wilson. Wilson says his goal was never to disrupt the lives of Bowling Green City School families. He was under the impression that changing the non-resident agreement to 86 less students would not have an impact. He said the decision was made based on financial reasons.

Wilson also testified that he was never made aware of the original 2001 agreement until his board changed it in April. He also said no one from the Bowling Green Board of Education ever contacted him about that agreement in his more than 10 years on the Warren County board.

Friday we also heard from parents. Each say they were frustrated that Warren County never took into account their feelings before making a decision. They said they were not allowed in the school board meeting to discuss their frustrations. Each time a parent did take the stand, the legal team for Warren County had little to no questions to ask. They did tell the parents if they live in the county it was never a guarantee their children would attend Bowling Green City Schools. The only guarantee was if they move into city limits.

The day ended with Joe Tinius, Superintendent of Bowling Green Independent Schools. He said he was disappointed with Warren County's decision. He found out about the change in the non-resident agreement through local media.

The hearing will continue Saturday at 9 a.m.

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