Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce Presents 2012 Year-End Awards

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The Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce presented its 2012 year-end awards today.

Those who volunteer for the Chamber were recognized in three categories -- Ambassador of the Year, Board Volunteer of the Year, and Volunteer of the Year.

The winners were chosen based on the time and the leadership they dedicated to the Chamber of Commerce.

"There are just so many volunteers that need to be thanked. It was a little bit of shock and a little bit of panic," said Volunteer of the Year winner, Cathy Palmer.

"There are a lot of wonderful board members and I am just very pruned and honored to be given this designation," said Board Volunteer of the Year winner, Joy Rogers.

"I was just absolutely overwhelmed and I was telling people afterwards I said, 'You know I make a living out of speaking, and you've caught me in one rare moment where I was speechless,'" Ambassador of the Year winner, Skip Wirth said.

The winners will be recognized again on February 12th at the Chamber's 2013 Annual Dinner.

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