GM Begins Shipping New C7 Stingrays to Dealerships

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Corvette Assembly Plant right here in Bowling Green began shipping it's highly anticipated C7 Stingrays just this morning to dealerships all over America, but if you've just recently decided you're interested in purchasing a C7 Stingray, you might have to wait a while.

"I think when we received our allotment of what we were going to receive for the 2014 model year, four to six weeks later, we were sold out," said Campbell Chevrolet Sales Representative Ken Johnson.

Johnson says the C7, which is so different than other models, has created excitement at dealerships like Campbell Chevrolet, where the cars are purchased.

"It was a risk for General Motors, but it's really taken off and got alot of good reviews, and it seems people young and old... everybody loves the car," said Campbell Chevrolet New Car Sales Manager Eric Eubank.

Johnson says they expect one C7 for every 4 Corvettes the dealership is usually allotted, making the wait for buyers longer than usual.

"They're not going to rush. They're going to make the car as perfect as possible, and it's going to be a car that when you ride in it and when you own it, you're going to be proud of it," said Johnson.

Johnson says the demand is so high, he thinks they could probably already begin selling out of the next year's model, but hasn't given up hope there may be a few extra 2014s to spare.

"Hopefully, with the guys out at the Corvette plant working really hard, and trying their best to get those out... maybe we'll sneak a few more in at the end of the year," said Johnson.

Johnson expects the first C7s ordered at Campbell Chevrolet will be ready for pick up next month. He says the dealership will never actually see any of the C7s they ordered for customers. They will actually be picked up at the National Corvette Museum, but he says he can't wait to meet them there and hand over the keys.

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